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dark romance

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They say the forbidden fruit is the sweetest sin and the biggest temptation, but they’ve clearly never met her.
She’s sunshine and innocence. Hot summer days and golden smiles.
She’s everything I want and nothing I need.
Choosing her will change everything.
But with one taste, I realize I don’t care.

The biggest question is…
Will she fall from grace and Sin With Me?

The Father
The Son
And the Unholy Temptress.

Three lives joined by fate, destroyed by evil, and saved by grace.
Three hearts tethered by lies, devoured by lust, and ruined by greed.

Welcome to Divinity Falls, where secrets are worth killing for. Love doesn’t always win, and nothing is as it seems.

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Salvatore Brotherhood MC

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Coming 4/8/24

I thought Groveton College would be a fresh start, a chance to move on from the past still haunting me. But then eighteen-year-old Winona Beckett walked into my classroom, so naïve and innocent, and I knew I was screwed.
I tried to stay away. I tried to do the right thing. I tried to control my instincts.
But I couldn't.
Instead, I found myself outside her window every night, thinking of all the depraved things I wanted to do to her.
We played a dangerous game, falling into a forbidden love I knew would end in disaster. But it was exciting, and for a while, she was mine.
Then she learned I'd betrayed her in the worst way and it shattered everything. But my obsession with her was too strong, and I could never let her leave me.
So I chased her.
In the end, what we did that could never be undone.

This is a story where the line between love and obsession is blurred, and the consequences turn deadly. Our secrets can't stay hidden forever, and our past will always come back to haunt us. That night we crossed a murderous line, and there's no turning back.
We're stuck together.


They called me a predator, a monster, a disgraced professor—I called myself an addict.

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