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Trigger Warnings

Below you'll find a list of all trigger and content warnings for the

Salvatore Brotherhood MC series.

Please read responsibly. 


Sexual assault, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic violence, explicit sexual content, swearing, gore, and graphic violence.


Sexual assault, alcohol use, explicit sexual content, swearing/crude language, and some violence.


Explicit sexual content, swearing, miscarriage and talk of infertility.

*This is a novella length short story that takes place after Little Bear. There are spoilers so be sure to read Little Bear first!


Domestic violence, discussion of weight/body image, explicit sexual content, swearing, gore, and graphic violence.


Alluding to dieting/weight/body image, use of alcohol, explicit sexual content, some kink-play (edging, slight degradation, praise, bondage, slapping, choking, brief reluctance fantasy), and swearing.

*This is a novella length story that takes place before Lost and Found, so no spoilers!


Body/weight talk, drinking/smoking, attempted suicide, attempted/implied sexual assault, self-harming behaviors, talk of abortion/infertility, swearing, explicit sexual content, violence, gore.


Impact play/spanking, Daddy kink, kidnapping, human trafficking, sexual assault, death of a parent, torture, swearing, explicit sexual content, violence, gore.


Child abuse & neglect, physical abuse, implied assault, LGBTQ+/coming out, degradation, some praise, spicy movie making, bondage, knife & blood play, spit kink, branding/scarification, torture, murder, trafficking, violence, swearing, and gore.

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