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Trigger Warnings

Below you'll find a list of all trigger and content warnings for

my standalone books.

Please read responsibly. 


Explicit sexual content, Daddy kink, boss/employee dynamic, age gap, swearing.


 This is a "Why Choose" story, meaning our FMC has multiple partners and doesn't end up with just one. (MMFMM)


Sex addiction, manipulation, relationship power imbalance, irredeemable mmc, toxic relationship, murder, SA by family member, physical abuse by family member, death of parents (off page, mentioned), pregnancy loss (briefly mentioned in a past situation, not FMC), sex work (not FMC or MMC), emphasis on the TOXIC, grooming, dub-con/non-con, forced breeding,

Sadomasochism, self chastity, edging, degradation, humiliation, somnophilia, non-con/dub-con, voyeur/exhibitionism, edging/orgasm denial, pet play, ass play/ass eating, pussy spanking, sexual punishment, water sports, college romance, student/professor relationship, age gap, slight stalking, insta-obsession 

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